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Patricia Rose UpczakSynchronicity Publishing was founded in 1998 by Patricia Rose Upczak in order to publish books about metaphysical subjects. Since then it has expanded and is now publishing young adult fiction as well as Professional Development books for teachers.

Patricia has been teaching writing and self publishing workshops in person and online for 20 years.

Explore Reiki, Synchronicity and Past Lives with Patricia, a long time Reiki Master. She has been involved in Reiki since 1985 and has been guiding people through past life regressions in group settings since 1990. Her courses are not only healing, but filled with joy and love. On the days of a combination of Reiki and Past life course she also teaches attendees tapping for free in between the two courses. Most of her classes in Colorado are held high in the Rocky Mountains overlooking the majestic Continental Divide. Her writing courses are also offered online.

We can be reached at 303.517.2676, [email protected], fax: 303-258-7917, and postal mail: P.O. Box 927, Nederland, CO, 80466.

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Mountain Photo by Anne Garcia

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