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Synchronicity, Signs and Symbols 3-Bundle Set

Includes: Paperback book, audio book, and Synchronistic Journey journal

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synchronicity signs symbols book bundle

Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols guides readers through a mystical world that exists here and now all around us. Learn to listen to the Universe whisper to you as the landscape of your destiny dances with synchronicities, signs and symbols. Our lives are intimately connected with the life force of the Universe. Stories from people of all walks of life fill this book. Angeles Arrien, Arielle Ford, Denise Linn, Frank Joseph, Jacquelan Small, and Dottie Walters are just a few of the experts that share their stories with Patricia Rose Upczak.

A Synchronistic Journey is a wonderful tool to help you explore and learn how synchronicity and meaningful coincidences can transform your life. Often when we ask for help either out loud or in a silent prayer the Universe answers in code. We must become our own experts in understanding the whispering of Spirit. This journal will help you increase your awareness, consciousness and connection to the Holographic Universe we all live in.