Past Lives, Present Lives and Future Lives, Part Four

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The saga of late spring is slowly unfolding up here in the Rocky Mountains. The trees are starting to bud, the birds are singing, the hummingbirds are zooming around and the eagles are flying high in the sky. So we will continue with some of the fascinating past lives that I have either observed or experienced personally.

In one of our past life classes years ago everyone in the class of ten people had separate experiences of living in ancient Atlantis before it sunk. Many of them were healers or mystics. They knew each other and described the beauty of Atlantis. I remember Amy (one of the admired older members of the group) saying that we were all together then and knew each other in Atlantis. She talked about how people travel in soul groups through time. Some people gave the same description of where they were in Atlantis. They saw huge crystals of different colors. Some were pointing up and some of them were connected to a very high ceiling and pointing down. There were many buildings and different kinds of rooms everywhere. Some of the people said that they had been told by people who saw visions that there would be a huge explosion and many people would sink. So they left and went to other areas to be safe.

In another class, a woman had a fascinating experience as a young girl in Chicago. Her name was Theodora. She wrote beautiful poetry. Her father showed the poetry to an editor at the Chicago Tribune and he printed them on a regular basis. Her father Theodore and she was the love of his life. She had a black nanny that she loved. Then around thirteen Theodora got seriously ill with a very high fever and died. Her father was heartbroken. He left the family and never came back.

In another regression, a woman went to a lifetime where she lived in a cold country. She felt it was in Norway or Holland or Sweden. Her father was gone much of the time traveling and working. She lived in a large mansion or castle that was run by a woman who oversaw the cooking, cleaning and running of the house. There was also a tall man with dark hair guarding her. He was in charge of a group of soldiers dressed in red uniforms. He rarely talked to her. He just stood guard most of the time. She wrote books and poetry. She had a large dog and a white horse. When the weather was nice, she took her horse out and the guard and the dog went with her. She asked him why he was always around and he said it was his job to make sure she was safe. She didn’t get her name.



Past Lives, Present Lives and Future Lives, Part Three

past life workshops boulder

As I have explained in previous blogs I have explored and experienced past lives for well over 30 years. Some of you are interested in some of the experiences that have occurred throughout the years. So we will examine a few of the past lives and aspects that occurred that still stand out in my mind.

In a Brian Weiss workshop, a woman experienced a profound past life session where she was an ancient Phoenician. She could give many details that turned out to describe the ships, colors, and clothing and the native people that lived there. She got very emotional in the middle of the experience because all of her family and close friends went off on a large Phoenician ship and had to stay behind while she finished working on some kind of written language. She didn’t understand the language of the native people who lived near her. They were very kind to her. Then after years, she realized something had happened to her family and friend’s ship because they never came back. She finished her written language project and died late in life. The native people put her in a small version of the big ship that took everyone else away. They set the small boat on fire and pushed it into the Mediterranean Sea.

In one of our past life courses, a woman started to cry and was deeply moved by her experience. Her ancestors came from Ireland. But her grandparents had moved to a island Martinique and she married a man who was originally from France. They had 3 daughters. Two of these daughters died relatively young. Her oldest daughter had married a man in France. It was during the time of the French Revolution. She saw the date 1766 as the time when a powerful hurricane ripped their home to pieces. They had to live in a sugar mill. They also experienced a huge volcanic eruption on the island a few years later. Her husband died young and left her with great debt. She was a very determined woman and turned the plantation they lived on around. It became successful for its time. There were riots and rebellions in the city, but she stayed on the plantation moving away from it all. She thought her name was Claire Rose or Rose Claire.

Another group of past lives that stood out was located back in the mid-19th Century. the Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses to help slaves escape to free states and Canada. Much to my surprise four of the people in our class had past life experienced where they smuggled slaves out of New Orleans in a wagon with a false bottom. They were all wealthy white women from New Orleans and a man connected to one of the women helped consistently. They took turns driving and helping people escape for years.

Another woman consistently experienced lives in ancient Ireland. One that stood out was her life as a Druid. She seemed to live in a large cave by herself. She belonged to a large group of Druids. The images she saw were in black and white and then suddenly would be completely covered in a beautiful green color. She was wearing an animal skin to keep warm. She seemed to be a leader of some sort and could do many things that we consider magical. She said it felt like they were all very close to the sea or the sea people. She also had a very large white stallion and an animal that looked like a very large dog that protected her.

We had many people experience lifetimes in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and in the colonies around the world. We will explore more parts of past lives and future lives in future blogs. If you have had any experiences you would like to share, feel free to email Patricia at [email protected] and please put past lives in the subject line.


Past Lives, Present Lives and Future Lives, Part Two

past life workshops boulder

Our world is vast and complicated. The Earth is a mid-sized planet in the middle of an enormous Universe. The concept of reincarnation is ancient and complicated. Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato all wrote about reincarnation back in ancient Greek times.

The belief in reincarnation is a basic Shamanic belief. It was present in many hunter-gatherer tribes. This shows us that reincarnation had to be part of the most ancient cultures of our planet. Many North American tribes believed in some form of rebirth in their spiritual traditions. This is especially true for the Intuit, Tlingit, Aleut, Beaver, Kutchin, Carriers, and Kwakint tribes. Almost all Native American Indians considered reincarnation a natural way of continuity and further development of the soul.

I have been involved with past life work for over 30 years. I highly recommend any workshop of Dr. Brian Weiss, Denise Linn, or Anita Moorjani. Some forms of reincarnation focus on linear progress in lives toward releasing karma or toward enlightenment. Others explore different circumstances and lives to understand different cultures and classes.

Around 20 years ago I was introduced to a concept that I realized that both Denise Linn and Dr. Brian Weiss knew. In their workshops we not only could go to any past life that was important for this lifetime but also we started going to future lives to explore our futures. Then I read Anita Moorjani’s book Dying To Be Me. Dr. Wayne Dyer contacted her and helped the world know about her extraordinary near-death experience and her miraculous healing of her cancer within three months.

In her near-death experience, she saw and discovered what mystics and scientists have been saying for a while. Everything outside the Earth’s time zones there is no time. She already believed in past lives BUT was startled to see that all of them were connected in a line that included her past, present, and future.

It took me a while to put all of this in my brain but I can honestly say I have. I knew time didn’t really exist but it took a while to put all the pieces together. We made time up many centuries ago so we could have days, weeks, months, and years.

I now realize that’s how both Denise Linn and Dr. Brian Weiss can take you back to any lifetime and help you change the circumstances of that life if you have been troubled by it in some way. This process then trickles through all your lives changing any situation that you have changed.

There is so much to learn no one could learn it all in one lifetime. For me, it opens up a whole world that I am still exploring with a deep passion.