Welcome to the Archetypes for a Pandemic – Part 2

For this section of the Pandemic archetypes blog series we will explore the Innocent, The Everyman, The Outlaw or Rebel, The Explorer and the Creator. 2020 would make an extraordinary story and I’m sure that storytellers from all over the world will tell their versions for years to come.

Our tale is to help all of us tap into this journey with the timeless archetypes that have popped back into action to help us all at this time.

The Innocent is an optimistic person who only sees the good in people. They find the good in life as a whole because that is their basic focus. They enjoy the simple things in life and are pure at heart, free of corruption and seek harmony and peace in the World. They are also known as the child, traditionalist, saint, dreamer and romantic. Scott from To Kill A Mockingbird and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz are good examples of this archetype. As fall approaches many people are struggling with students going back to school amid masks and social distancing and the need to keep the children of all age safe. Elementary, high schools and universities are all struggling with coming up with a plan that educates the students and helps everybody interact for a safe distance. In this scenario I believe we the children and the teachers focusing differently but both groups are definitely coming from the Innocent Archetype.

Generally, the Everyman archetype has to do with working hard and living a simple life. They need to have connections with people. They usually have common sense and are authentic. They are genuine and wholesome. Well-known people in our world today who are good examples of the Everyman archetype could be Jimmy Carter, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, or Sandra Bullock. This archetype believes we are all created equal. As an archetype they are generally trusted and liked.

Our next archetype seems to be showing up in this pandemic all over the place. The Outlaw archetype is usually described to be free-minded and free-spirited. Nothing stands in their way and nothing controls their desires. Often their thoughts are almost always towards anarchy and chaotic. Outlaws or Rebels despise systems and everything that comes with it, which is why they rebel against authority. Usually Rebel archetypes are natural skeptics of the world around them and are constantly questioning the intentions behind actions. They speak out against discrimination and oppression. they challenge injustice and rarely conform to trends.

Now the Explorer archetype also known as the Seeker is one who is on a life journey. Most of the population do not use this archetype. They are self-aware. They do not like to be caged in and are very independent people. Some good examples in the movie world would be Mulan, Indian Jones and Erin Brockovich (played by Julia Roberts). The Explorer archetype seems to be showing up during these pandemic times mostly because they know how to follow their own paths even if it is different than what they used to do. They seem to have the ability to lead without any agenda to lead, just to follow the path that feels right to them.

Our final archetype that we will explore is the part of the series is important — the Creator archetype. They are constantly using their imaginations to create physical manifestations of their work. They love to build or create something with their own artistic skills. They are known as the artists, architects, writers, and scientists to mention a few types. Their minds seem to be questioning, thinking and entertaining new ideas. Their real work could be the use of their ingenuity. Many creators are coming to the forefront during this time, helping and working on creative solutions that seem to be plaguing humanity at this time. Some examples of the Creator archetype are: Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Hamilton (from the play), Remy from Ratatouille, and Michael J. Gelb the author.

Humanity is struggling but we are also pulling together creating a new more powerful story for all of us. Our archetypes are showing up to guide and help all of us at this time.

Stay Safe.