Connecting to the Power of Nature – Part 2

Welcome to our 2nd blog in our power of Nature series. I meant to thank Anne Garcia for her wonderful photograph of the three children on the Northern California beach near the Redwoods. It is one of my favorite pictures. She is an amazing photographer.

A Walk In The Woods written by well known travel writer Bill Bryson is a wonderful book about his journey with a friend hiking the Appalachian Trail in his later years against everybody’s advice and powerful natural elements that tested him deeply.

What made this extraordinary story famous is that eventually Robert Redford, Emma Thompson and Nick Nolte starred in a movie based on the book called A Walk In The Woods. This movie shows amazing and powerful landscape, trees and rivers that help us realize the power of Nature for all of us. It is there for children, adults, animals and a variety of insects and plant life.

As human beings we need space and time no matter what age to reconnect to ourselves. Nature gives us time to figure things out. It helps us disconnect from the bustle and busy ness of society. Patients who get a natural view from their hospital bed recover sooner than those in rooms without Nature connected to it. Frank Lloyd Wright loved Nature and got much of his inspiration while being in the natural world.. He said “Study Nature, Love Nature, Stay close to Nature. It will never fail you”.

The sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the rocks, the wind blowing through the trees, the bubbling sound of the creek or river rushing through the canyons relaxes and soothes us. The blue sky, the golden aspen trees, the smell of pine needles or the hawk’s call or the bird’s sweet song early every morning connects us to the reality of our true nature. Working and living in concrete boxes without connection to the natural world is hard on us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our nature is part of the rhythms of Nature, Scientists are continuing to find how important our well being is tied to consistent interaction with the natural world.

There are scientific reasons why being in Nature is relaxing and good for you. It reduces stress levels, helps you find clarity and rejuvenate your mind and body. Natural light normalizes your sleep schedule, Being in Nature helps all of us get off the digital grid. Scientists have also found that a natural environment helps you center your mind and get grounded.This relaxes us at all levels.

Our brains need time to organize and develop our creativity and multiple aspects of our minds for a healthy life.Many of the anxiety or stress related illness we have in our modern world would be completely alleviated by consistent time (no matter how short) in Nature.

Blessings to you all ,