The Hidden Power of Dreams, Part 3

Welcome to The Hidden Power of Dreams, Part Three. This topic is so huge that we will be writing about it for a while. We have been asked to include more sample dreams, Lucid dreaming, and more dream symbols. I also wanted all of you to know there is a Jungian Dream Summit on June 23-26, 2022. It is free and online so check it out if you are interested.

Today we going to explore color in dreams. When I was a little girl I was told by a teacher that people didn’t dream in color. Well, I stubbornly told her of course they did because I dreamt in color all the time. Well, she then asked the class how many students dreamt in color and many hands went up.

Now I will admit I have had significant dreams that are like black and white movies, but in general, I dream in color. So let’s explore the different colors in your dreams and what they could mean.

The color red in a dream relates to direct action, active employment, willpower, strength, steadfastness, health, vigor, security and anger. Red in a dream helps people plant their feet firmly on the earth and feel grounded. Red is a doing color, it helps us figure out how to get our projects done.

Orange, however, in a dream connects us to social acceptance, feminine strength and action. It is a warm, energizing color. Orange in a dream symbolizes optimism, confidence, change, self-motivation, enthusiasm and courage. Often times people who need a bit of skepticism or discrimination can find that the color orange in their dreams helps them to be balanced.

Yellow is a warm, extroverted color. In a dream, it can signify something about a person’s thoughts. This color stimulates logical, linear thinking and usually relates to left-brained processes. Yellow helps people respond with mental discrimination, organization, attention to details, evolution, active intelligence, discipline, administration, praise, sanctuary and harmony. It is often connected to joy and happiness in a dream.

Green in a dream can represent security and balance. Green is the balance between the warm colors of red, orange, yellow and the cool spectrum of blue, indigo and violet. Basically, in dreams, green stimulates feelings of love, harmony, peace, brotherhood, hope, growth and healing. Green in a dream is also helpful in overcoming limiting attachments, as many anxieties are created in the heart through various attachments. The abundant replenishing forces in Nature and in the Universe is very helpful in dreams and in our waking life. The answer to many dreamers’ questions is there will always be enough. green energy is very healing for doubt and insecurity. Green is a very healing color in dreams.

Blue in a dream helps you attain inner peace and emotional security. It also helps you boost spiritual security and inner understanding. Blue in a dream also gives up inspiration, creativity, spiritual understanding, faith and devotion. If there is a lot of blue in your dreams it reflects gentleness, contentment, patience and composure..

Pay close attention to any dreams that contain purple, indigo or violet. Often when you experience purple in a dream it’s an indication of psychic awareness and intuition. Pay close attention to those dreams. These could be dreams of prophecy.

White in a dream usually relates to the imagination. Divine realization, humility, and creative imagination are some of the meanings in any dream that has a lot of white. The energy of white in a dream holds the power of transformation.

People like Aristotle, Descartes and Freud often described the presence of color in their dreams. Carl Jung, the famous dream psychologist from the 1930s believed that colors represent important messages from your subconscious mind. He felt they were very important and should be paid attention to.

A few common dream symbols

You are in a car. Pay attention to where you are in the car-front or back, passenger or driving. If someone else is driving, you are not in control of some situation and feel powerless. If you are driving – pay close attention to the condition of care and who else is in the car. What color is the car. How did you feel about the dream etc.

If you dream about an airplane, see how you feel about the dream, it often is associated with soaring to new heights or striving for success, liberation, release, freedom and expansion. Always pay attention to what color the plane is. If it is red it might symbolize waiting to do whatever you are planning for a different time.

The last travel dream symbol for this blog is trains. Trains often mean opportunities, power, perservance and sometimes if the train is carrying a heavy load it might mean you are carrying too heavy a load for yourself. See what color the train is or what colors show up in the dream.


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