A Bear Encounter

Last night my son-in-law and grandson had a close bear encounter while camping high in the Rocky Mountains. This experience has led me to write about the symbolic nature of the Bear.

The bear has been a powerful symbol since ancient times. As always we must use our own instincts and feelings around which meanings fit us and our circumstances.

Often a bear appearance tells us to start working on that creative project you have been thinking about. The bear is possibly telling you to be brave enough to ask for what you want. Periodically take some time away from your usual routines and spend time in solitude.

The bear always means to be gentle, and show love to those you are close to. If the bear you encounter is a black bear it is an important time for meditation and introspection. The bear is telling you to lighten up and remember to play, and balance your activities with times of rest.

If you come across a grizzly bear it is time to bring your dreams and plans to fruition. Learn to stay grounded no matter what. The grizzly is also telling you to stop waiting for something to happen; take action now and trust your instincts. Even if the action is only the first couple of steps towards a goal it is important to do.

In Native American tradition bear as a totem or power animal is wonderful. It means that as a person you are very independent, a survivor and a powerful healer. You have a strong presence and are confident and assertive. You need time alone to use your psychic abilities and be introspective. Learn to honor who you really are. You are protected, protective, creative, loving, fun loving, and powerful in many ways.


Photo by Fernando Boza