The Red Tailed Hawk soared into my life majestically this morning as he flew across the valley below my house and then landed right next to me on a large tree. He was amazing close up. His wings spread out so powerfully that it sent chills down my spine just to watch him soar. His eyes were clear and intense. A pair of ravens kept diving down trying to drive him away from the tree, but he stayed put for over 30 minutes scanning the landscape.

Red tailed hawks can awaken visionary power and lead those who see them frequently to their life purpose. This is a “messenger” bird. Whenever it shows up PAY ATTENTION. There is a message coming that is important for the observer. It teaches us how to fly to great heights while still keeping our feet on the ground. They reflect an intensity of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual forces. Listening to the hawk’s wisdom can extend the vision of your life.

Sometimes hawks show up to tell us we are caught up in too many details, so step back and get a greater or vaster perspective on any situation you are presented with.

If the hawk is what the Native Americans call your totem or power animal you are very good at interpreting signs and omens from the natural world. You easily flow with the movements of life and don’t usually get your feathers ruffled, unless you need to defend yourself.

You are very effective in taking care of and protecting your home and family. You are a freedom loving individual. You are a faithful, loving and dependable mate. Last but not least you can be insightful and people come to you for your wise counsel and advice.

I would love to hear about any stories that you have about bears, hawks, eagles, dolphins or whales. Let me know what you think.