The Majestic Moose

The large antlers sit perfectly on his head crowning one of Nature’s most interesting animals. Over the last ten years I have had a number of encounters with the moose. They are truly gigantic, graceful and a little awkward all at the same time as they move through the forests of the Rocky Mountains. They never cease to inspire awe in me whenever they appear.

You can feel proud of your recent accomplishments when a moose shows up. The moose is usually symbolic of encouragement and support for you and your loved ones dreams and visions. This powerful animal is telling you that you are strong and have the ability to endure emotionally turbulent times. Others might be looking to you for direction, inspiration, guidance and encouragement while traveling their own paths.

If you think the moose is one of your totems or what is called your power animal you came into this world with strong intuition and psychic ability. You might be very discerning about what to say in most situations and handle things wisely. You are considered an independent and original thinker. You might find yourself in a position of being sought out for your wisdom and insight. You are full of contradictions, patient and yet capable of being quite volatile if annoyed or pushed beyond your limits.

The moose can teach those who pay attention the ability to move from the outer world to the inner world. The connection between the moose and what is known as primal mother and feminine energies is very strong. Very few creatures will ever challenge a female moose with its calf. Often those connected to the moose have clairaudient and psychic abilities throughout their lives. If a moose shows up in your world you are being told to pay attention to your inner wisdom. I would love to hear from anyone who has had some interesting encounters with the amazing moose.