Dante: Horses As Spiritual Teachers

Last June I had an extraordinary experience with an animal I had not expected to even encounter. My cousin Angela has a large beautiful coal black horse she calls Dante. He has some physical ailments. She asked me to come over while I was visiting Minnesota and Reiki her horse. Of course I agreed and suggested we all Reiki him together. Angela and my other cousin Mary are both Reiki practitioners and what I thought would be a normal Reiki session turned into a mystical experience for me.

As I walked outside to start the session Dante immediately started to whinny. Once he was tied up in the barn so that all three of us could safely put our hands on him we went to work. I stood by his head giving him Reiki in his shoulder and this magnificent black horse turned to me eye to eye and sent shivers down my spine. He knew I was there to help him. He nibbled gently on my shoulder, shook his head up and down and whinnied softly.

The love and power in his eyes were so great and I so appreciated getting to have that experience. Horse symbolizes many things, but the most common meanings have to do with freedom, movement and power. For example, you might be embarking on a new adventure. You could be feeling constricted and need more freedom to follow your true path in life. Teamwork with your family, friends and community is very important right now, especially when the horse shows up in your life.

If you consider the horse to be your totem or power animal you are a natural leader, loyal friend and need freedom to follow your own path. You are independent, creative, strong and passionate.