From 17 Seconds to 30 Days is All it Takes

It boggles my mind that from mystics to great thinkers we are consistently told that it only takes a short time to manifest our dreams. It may only take 17- 68 seconds of focus daily to bring yourself into alignment “vibrationally” for your hopes and wishes to start to unfold. In the same vein countless books are written on the 30 day plan to heal your body, change your career or improve your cash flow. All of these only require a positive mind set and that you discipline your mind, or as Wayne Dyer says “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” The problem with all of this for me, is that I know that it’s true and that I am still a little lazy in my focused thought.

Mr. Everit in Alan Cohen’s book Mr. Everit’s Secret tells us “successful people pay more attention to their own visions and goals than to history or opinions of others.” Interestingly enough life is so much more complex and mind boggling than any of us can fathom.

I am reading a book called The Biology of Belief—Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton. This book explores how we are basically the captain of 50 trillion cells in our body. We have much more power to control our destiny at all levels than most of us believe.

Life can be challenging sometimes, but I know we have the ability to bring our dreams to us through focus, positive thoughts and refusing to listen to the steady stream of negative conversations in our world. Learning to focus my mind could be a life long goal that I hope to joyfully continue through gratitude and love. I have so much to be grateful for from my children, grandchildren, animals, home, friends, the mountains, animals, oceans and on. Interestingly enough learning to appreciate all the gifts in your life big or small and talking about them brings more blessings to you daily.

So with all this in mind I wish for all my readers a beautiful, focused day filled with many blessings, joy and love.