Life As a Dot to Dot

Most of us have either done dot to dots as children or watched kids do them. If not we have some experience with dot to dots as a concept or game. I have had many realizations that different aspects or conditions or situations actually form patterns and stories in my life that are beyond my comprehension.

People show up at certain times and places that often turn out to be pivotal for the next step or phase in my life. Some of these relationships are long term, some brief. I am starting to realize that all of us are doing our “jobs” while interacting with people daily, and we don’t have to do it consciously because the Universe holds the total picture for us and knows how the dots unfold.

Stepping back and looking at your life periodically will help you see that some of the most trying or critical times in your life were amazing, grace filled turning points that helped create the person you are today.

I am filled with gratitude for all the moments in the years past because they have led me to today. I don’t know what the whole picture is yet because the dot to dot is not complete. I do know that it will be perfect for me. Trusting the Universe’s wisdom and love gives me Peace. Learning to go downstream without struggle is my goal and that fills my day with joy.