Healing, Happiness and Harmony

The natural essence of the Universe is perfect harmony. Just because we don’t always see it that way, doesn’t mean anything is really out of balance. Spirals, labyrinths, numbers, and other symbols create a myriad of intersecting landscapes for us to investigate. Our lives are intimately connected to everything.

Many years ago I went on a camping trip on the King River in California. I had taken a short walk up the river bank hearing my family laughing and playing at the campsite. I climbed up on a very large rock and just watched the running water. Suddenly I was totally aware in a split second that I was part of EVERYTHING, and there was no separation between me and the river, the sky, the animals, the sun or the hawk soaring high above me. This sense of ONENESS was absolutely amazing. I realize I can’t force that kind of experience to happen and I feel that moment was one of the greatest gifts of this lifetime.

The majesty of the Universe is beyond our rational minds. The symphony of the Cosmos is beautiful and harmonious. I love sunflowers because they grow, in spite of the weeds, reaching for the sun. Hummingbirds give me so much joy just by their very existence. I had the privilege of seeing a baby hummingbird just recently and I was amazed at how small and beautiful it was. Coyotes constantly come into my life to remind me to lighten up and not take things so seriously. I believe that our lives are designed to follow a plan (very loosely designed in terms of what I can see) that promotes growth, joy and harmony. Anything that doesn’t fit in that category is a waste of time for me.

Our choices seem to be filled with patterns; life is cyclical just as the seasons come and go in rebirth, renewal and apparent death. The vast Universe is filled with song, color and dimensions beyond our wildest dreams. The symbolic world is the language of the Universe. Thus words often do not convey the essence of truth. Our perceptions create our inner stories, which in turn create the directions of our lives. Spirals, triangles, circles, squares and crosses evoke feelings of connectedness that seem universal among humans throughout history. Different cultures, arts, and designs tell us their stories through the symbolic world. Fractals intrigue many of us who see a connection between art, science and nature.

Technology has become more valuable in modern times and definitely has its place in today’s fast moving world. My recent ventures in becoming a more literate social media user (please be patient with me–I am a slow learner) has been another way to challenge my views and perceptions about the world and using Twitter and Facebook has given me a different perspective. I see the world of communication as important for all of the people who are living fast paced lives. But we all need to remember to consistently get into Nature and connect with our real essence on a daily basis without texting, calling or tweeting. I believe a major shift is occurring, not just on our planet, but within the human psyche. Mysteries are cropping up all over the place. Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion was so ahead of her time when she wrote her book. People are still not really aware that we have over 50 trillion cells and apparently our emotions have a huge impact on them. Walking or just sitting in nature is one of the best things we can do for our total health and well being.

Meditation is another important tool that could just take 15 minutes a day, and yet could profoundly impact your world overall. Playing with your puppy, kitten or child and laughing, is more healing than most of us realize. Healing and happiness really is all around us, all we have to do is slow down a little and let it in.