The Magical Raven

This June I will be part of a wonderful educational cruise to Alaska.

As I think about that cruise I remember all the amazing creatures that were there when I went years ago with a friend. In the Pacific Northwest, the Raven was believed to have brought forth life and order to earth. The Native Americans of the area believed the Raven stole the sunlight from one who would keep the world in darkness. Raven is honored in art and on totem poles throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

Raven is known for its ability to help you shape shift your life or your being. These birds are not intimidated by others and they are wary and fast. They are not easy prey for other animals or birds. They can teach us how to stir the magic of life without fear.

When the Raven shows up it means magic is about to happen. It is a time for you to pay attention to dreams and visions, especially colorful and powerful ones – they are often prophetic. The Raven tells you to focus on your true intentions because you are close to manifesting them. You are gradually shape shifting to a more confident, powerful and spiritual you. Many tales throughout the world and time tell of the Raven going into the Void and being able to create out of the darkness. Many say that the Raven will help you bring your wishes and intentions to light.

If the Raven is one of your power animals or what they call totem animals, you need times of solitude to recharge your batteries. As you mature, your spiritual awareness expands, while simultaneously your ability to manifest your dreams increases. You also have an ability to discern what needs to be done and can do it quickly when necessary.