Reiki And Alternative Healing Methods, Part Four

As we have said previously a Reiki practitioner’s life becomes a statement to the world. There are ideals or rules to help Reiki practitioners’ live a balanced life. These rules have been passed on through many traditions. The heritage of Reiki actually seems to be traced back to the Tibetan monks thousands of years ago and brought to the Western world by Hawayo Takata.

We are multidimensional, multi-sensory beings. We need to nurture ourselves with music, art, color, dance, nature, ritual, prayer, meditation, and unconditional love.

The ethical principles of Reiki or the Rules of Reiki are only suggestions to help you have a happier and more peaceful life existence.

They are :

Just for today do not worry.

Just for today do not anger.

Honor your parents, teacher and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to everything.

Please remember that these are centuries old so, the language may not be the same as we have today. After a Reiki class Clarity in thinking is enhanced and intuition is opened up dramatically. Emotional traumas are released from their emotional bodies gently over a period of time. There are many different reactions to Reiki treatments and classes. There is no set pattern. Some people cry. Some people laugh and giggle uncontrollably. Some people have intense physical jerking etc that eventually go away.

Reiki defies categorization and classification. It does support us to live passionately. Laughing and crying are good for your immune system. It opens us up to a world that is vast and fascinating, a world where the ego is small and weak. Reiki shows us a path to the interdimensionality of the Universe. We are here to heal ourselves, each other, and the earth. We are all connected to each other with an unbreakable bond. Fighting among ourselves is foolish.

Even the wisest human being on this planet only sees a limited piece of the whole picture of life. Therefore, being able to judge anything accurately is an absurd concept that humans created to make themselves feel more secure on this little blue ball hurling through space.

In the next blog, we will be investigating other healing methods.

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