Reiki And Alternative Healing Methods, Part One

Life has so many twists and turns as we travel down the road of life. If you had asked me in my twenties about my life after 1985 and reiki I would have laughed, and said oh I don’t do weird stuff. Well, now I am one of the “weirdest people” I know.

As I look over the road my life has been amazing in so many ways. I feel so blessed. I don’t understand many of the parts, but I appreciate them and know that for me everything happens for a reason. I do believe in a Cosmic Plan and the Great Mystery. I am writing this series because Reiki has become an integral part of my life. Not teaching Reiki courses for over 3 years was really hard for me. I love watching people transform as they go through the reiki process. Some move through the changes dramatically and quickly. Others change more slowly because, and this is one of the things I like about Reiki, it adapts to what the individual not only needs but can accept at any given time.

I got involved in Reiki in 1985, and even though I was very skeptical about the whole energy/alternative healing paths. And yet taking that course totally changed my life. I felt like someone pulled me off one path and put me in another pair of shoes on a completely new path for my life.

I remember taking my Reiki II class, and I was really surprised that there were only 5 or 6c people from our original 20+ people in the weekend course of Reiki I. I could hardly wait for our Reiki Master Linda to come back to teach the class. She was from Boston and traveled to Boulder to teach classes several times a year. When I asked where were the other people she laughed and said “Only a fraction of the original class are called to take Reiki II.” To be honest I was really surprised.

Down the road I became a traditional Reiki Master for the specific purpose of finding a way to get reiki and alternative healing methods into our educational systems. Luckily I was very successful in doing that in the sense that many of the teachers I knew did take Reiki and many students took it after they graduated from the large high school I taught in. Later on, I still taught teachers, hospice workers, nuns, priests, nurses, social workers and so many other people who found their way to my door over the last 30 years.

We will be exploring Reiki books and many healing modalities that some might consider alternatives over the next few blogs. This is a huge subject that’s time has come.