Reiki And Alternative Healing Methods, Part Three

When a person takes a Reiki I class they are taking the first step on a very long path. A Reiki practitioner’s life becomes a quiet statement to the world. Reiki stands for healing. Reiki stands for Universal Energy. Reiki helps us become balanced spirituality, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Balance in the physical, spiritual, mental and the emotional bodies is an ongoing, lifelong process. Most people take a reiki class to work on themselves. So one of the first steps is to take care of your body. Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Eat healthy food that contribute to the nourishment of your body. Keep your colon clean. Do some form of exercise daily. Breathe deeply. Get enough sleep or rest for your system. Meditate daily. Use discrimination and your inner wisdom around drugs and alcohol.

Our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies are interconnected. It is vital for your complete health to nurture and heal the multidimensional parts of yourself. Stress in our society has a profound impact on people, causing a disturbance at all levels of their being.

The earth and Nature have great healing power and wisdom. Take a walk along the ocean, a lake, a park or through the woods to connect yourself to the power of Nature.

We will continue this reiki and alternative healing methods blog through many parts because it is a very important and complicated subject.