The Power of the Elk

Part of the joy of living in the Rocky Mountains for me is the incredible variety of animals I get to see often. Hawks, eagles, coyotes, fox, deer, birds of all types, squirrels, moose and elk are all part of my environment. I so love seeing herds of elk on my road, behind my home or on the hillside while I drive to town.

This morning I saw a beautiful herd of elk, and realized I have never really written about them. So as the new moon approaches I will write my first blog of 2013 about the magnificent elk.

There are many meanings attached to elk sightings. The main ones are strength, stability, stamina and nobility of spirit. Elk have always fascinated me. They are so large and yet I have seen them leap over tall fences with great ease. They can run with powerful stamina. As a herd they cooperate, protect their young and each other powerfully.

Often when elk shows up in your day you are being told to “Keep going when things get tough, because you will be successful.” Or “Don’t give up.”

For people who have elk as one of their power totems elk medicine does favor eating more vegetarian foods, especially if you are in need of healing or more energy.

Also if elk is one of your power totems you are fiercely independent and rely on your own strength often. Your have an air of nobility and regalness. Your are a very determined individual, and can stick with any project to its completion.

So for me elk sightings always make my day richer and fuller just because they are there. Some feel that elk also refers to stable blessings coming into your life or a project you are working on is about to produce stable blessings, either way the elk are blessings in themselves for me.

Happy New Year,