The Awe Inspiring Whale

Growing up my grandmother and I would go to the Pt. Loma Lighthouse to watch the whale migration every year. They send chills up and down my spine, especially when they jump out of the water splash back down as they dive deeply into the ocean. Years later I went on an Alaskan cruise, and saw both Killer Whales and a huge pod of Humpback Whales close up. It was amazing. Seeing whales is a tremendous blessing I will always treasure.

The appearance of whale always heralds a time in which a great depth of creative energies is available. They remind us that it’s time to break away from conventional thinking, that our power comes now from the creative.

The whale is a sign of new depths of creation, and resurrection opening up in our lives. The whale is telling us that now is the time to trust our perception, for we are seeing more clearly. A new vision is blessing our life in all areas.

If the whale is one of your power animals only a few select friends really know you. You have strong psychic abilities that grow over the years. Music is really important for your health, balance and well being.

I can’t wait to see the whale again on one of my adventures to the ocean.