TURTLE the Symbol for Mother Earth, Longevity & Awakening to Opportunities

Over five years ago I was in Trinidad to visit my daughter and her family. On that trip I had an experience I will never forget. We went to the North part of Trinidad and saw large sea turtles come ashore, lay their eggs, cover them up with sand and then go back into the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It was late in the season so we were also treated to the sight of hundreds of baby sea turtles hatching out of their shells and scurrying down to the sea bravely. Turtles have always been important to me.

When a turtle appears to you in any form a new world is opening with new opportunities. You are opening up spiritually, and physically. The turtle has a very slow metabolism so some of the new areas need to be worked on over time. Take your time, and get into your own rhythm not other people around you. Beat your own drum, and tune into your own inner rhythm.

If the turtle has shown up in your life, it is time to get connected to your most primal essence. Go within your shell, and come out when your ideas are ready to be experienced. It is time to recognize there is abundance for you. Take your time and let the natural flow of life work for you.

Ideas will start to germinate for you. Turtle promises that if we express, and act upon those ideas and perceptions; you will succeed. Turtles remind us to trust the Great Spirit; The Great Mystery. You will be protected and nurtured. You must slow down and use your own intuition. Meditate daily. Drink water. Get out into Nature daily. Realize all things are connected.