The Power of the Mandala

Mandalas have been deeply healing important in my life. Recently I realized that it is time for me to write a series of blogs on this vast subject. Humans have been hard wired to symbols throughout time. So let’s start by talking about the importance of some of the basic mandalas and colors in helping us balance and heal ourselves in today’s hectic world.

Mandala is an ancient Sanskrit word which means circle. The Tibetan Buddhists define the mandala as an integrated structure organized around a unifying center.

These definitions are important because basically our Universe and its patterns from the smallest molecule to the vastness of the Universe can fit into this form.

Whenever I have suggested to someone to create some mandalas they ask why. So let’s start with “Why Create A Mandala?”

  1. Mandalas have regenerative and curative power to activate focus and open the heart to the healing power of unconditional love.

  2. It has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body.

  3. It can bring joy as it facilitates the healing of a sense of disconnectedness or frustration.

  4. It helps allow a person to find solutions to negative patterns in their lives and help them heal.

Mandalas merge art, science and ancient wisdom. When you start out paining your mandala just let go of your left brain or what your paining “should look like”. Let your feelings guide you. Let your being just flow onto your paper and colors explode onto the page expressing whatever emotions you are feeling at that particular moment.

The colors that come out can help you heal physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. When you paint or color your mandala let go of all judgement and relax. Breathe deeply as you color. Let in the light and joy that is pulsing powerfully in every cell of your body. Do as many as you want. Keep your mandalas and see how they change over time. Enjoy the personal experience of doing your mandalas. Next month we will explore the different meanings and ranges of colors that might come up in your mandalas.