From 17 Seconds to 30 Days is All it Takes


It boggles my mind that from mystics to great thinkers we are consistently told that it only takes a short time to manifest our dreams. It may only take 17- 68 seconds of focus daily to bring yourself into alignment “vibrationally” for your hopes and wishes to start to unfold. In the same vein countless books are written on the 30 day plan to heal your body, change your career or improve your cash flow. All of these only require a positive mind set and that you discipline your mind, or as Wayne Dyer says “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.” The problem with all of this for me, is that I know that it’s true and that I am still a little lazy in my focused thought. Continue reading “From 17 Seconds to 30 Days is All it Takes”

Dante: Horses As Spiritual Teachers

horses as spiritual teachers

Last June I had an extraordinary experience with an animal I had not expected to even encounter. My cousin Angela has a large beautiful coal black horse she calls Dante. He has some physical ailments. She asked me to come over while I was visiting Minnesota and Reiki her horse. Of course I agreed and suggested we all Reiki him together. Angela and my other cousin Mary are both Reiki practitioners and what I thought would be a normal Reiki session turned into a mystical experience for me. Continue reading “Dante: Horses As Spiritual Teachers”

The Majestic Moose

majestic moose

The large antlers sit perfectly on his head crowning one of Nature’s most interesting animals. Over the last ten years I have had a number of encounters with the moose. They are truly gigantic, graceful and a little awkward all at the same time as they move through the forests of the Rocky Mountains. They never cease to inspire awe in me whenever they appear. Continue reading “The Majestic Moose”



The Red Tailed Hawk soared into my life majestically this morning as he flew across the valley below my house and then landed right next to me on a large tree. He was amazing close up. His wings spread out so powerfully that it sent chills down my spine just to watch him soar. His eyes were clear and intense. A pair of ravens kept diving down trying to drive him away from the tree, but he stayed put for over 30 minutes scanning the landscape. Continue reading “Hawks”

A Bear Encounter


Last night my son-in-law and grandson had a close bear encounter while camping high in the Rocky Mountains. This experience has led me to write about the symbolic nature of the Bear.

The bear has been a powerful symbol since ancient times. As always we must use our own instincts and feelings around which meanings fit us and our circumstances. Continue reading “A Bear Encounter”